Many a fortune has been made, and many a fortune lost, in real estate. 
Inevitably, when it comes to real estate, the stakes are high. Consequently, it is critically important that you are working with a firm such as Epiphany Law that is knowledgeable in all of the facets of real estate purchase, development and sale.

In any real estate purchase, it is critical that you work with a knowledgeable attorney in crafting the terms of the Offer to Purchase. Time lines need to make sense; inspections and testing need to be completed; and various contingencies for closing need to be carefully detailed. This is true whether or not you are working with a Realtor.

When it comes to land development, the first step is generally tying up the relevant property. At Epiphany Law, we understand the critical terms of not only Offers to Purchase, but also land contracts, seller financing and options to purchase.

Additionally, it is critical that you understand zoning laws, wetlands, restrictive covenants, easements, and municipal law. One mistake can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Finally, many developments today are set up as condominiums, which require formal Declarations and Bylaws setting forth the complex rules governing such ownership.

Luckily, the attorneys at Epiphany Law will assist you every step of the way – from land acquisition, to preliminary concept and plat, to financing, through construction, and finally the sale.