Business Torts – Fraud, Misrepresentation, Interference with Contracts

Much of the business world revolves around contracts and, as a result, a good deal of business litigation’s is focuses on contracts. Even in the business context, though, there are other reasons for lawsuits. It is not uncommon to see businesses and their owners either suing or being sued by others for business torts.

Don’t let the fact that “tort” is an uncommon word confuse you; it simply means a wrong. Business torts including things like fraud, misrepresentation or interference with contracts. These typically arise in situations where people feel there has been more than an innocent breach of a contract.

At Epiphany Law we regularly defend businesses and their owners who are alleged  to have committed these torts and we also help our clients pursue the remedies available with these torts.

Questions & Answers

Q: Why should  I care about these things?

A: We understand that you have employees, contracts and countless other issues to deal with, which might make you think it is not important to know more about lawsuits. However, suits resulting from these types of torts can be extremely costly and have significant impact on your bottom line. Similarly, if one of these torts is committed against you it can have devastating financial consequences if it goes uncontested. It is important that you take steps to avoid these suits where you possible and when they do happen, you need an attorney to vigorously defend your rights.

Q: What makes these “tort” cases different from contract claims?

A: There are several differences, but one of the most important is the fact that many torts allow for recovery of additional damages. Sometimes this means the person successful in a tort claim can recover their attorney’s fees or an additional award of punitive damages. While there is no guarantee these things will happen and the amount of the awards vary depending on the claim, the possibility for these things make the potential financial consequences much greater for these claims.

Q: What can I do to limit my exposure to these types of claims?

A: There are certain steps you can take to limit the likelihood a tort suit and limit your liability in the event of a suit. Even with a proactive approach, however, there is no way to completely eliminate the chance of a suit or the need to bring a suit. When that happens, the attorneys at Epiphany Law will make sure your rights are protected.