Epiphany Law focuses on business law. We serve businesses and business people in part by successfully helping our clients’ resolve business conflicts in and out of court.

“Litigation” means taking a case to court for a judge or jury to decide.  However, talking to a litigation attorney does not mean you have to go to court. Litigators can help you decide whether you need to sue to have your legal rights recognized and respected.  We resolve many conflicts outside of court by settlement.

Litigators can also help clients resolve disputes outside court using alternative dispute resolution. These methods include mediation and arbitration. In mediation, a neutral mediator tries to help the parties and their lawyers agree to end their dispute.  In arbitration, a neutral arbitrator decides the dispute instead of a judge or jury.

If you or your business has been sued, a litigation attorney can help you figure out your legal rights and options, and can represent you or your business in settlement talks, in an alternative dispute resolution forum, or in court.

Understanding our clients’ business objectives hallmarks our approach as a business law firm.  We strive to resolve disputes economically.   Our experience representing businesses and business people informs our approaches, and means we understand the importance of diligent, high quality work to your business reputation. Business litigation should always be considered as a part of the larger business picture.

Our attorneys’ experience in transaction and estate work compliments our litigation practice.  Our litigators often work with transaction and estate law specialists for the best outcomes, especially when settlement in or out of court involves an agreement to perform a complex business transaction or change a trust or estate structure.

Our experience representing clients in business transactions and reviewing, revising, and drafting appropriate transactional documents means we have familiarity with common and uncommon business documents and know how they can be attacked or defended.

Litigation is, at times, a necessary evil.  Whether you have been harmed by someone else or you are being accused of wrong-doing, it is imperative that you have aggressive representation at your side.  The experienced attorneys at Epiphany Law know how to protect your rights and aggressively pursue retribution when your rights have been trampled upon.  Even though the litigation process can be complex, having Epiphany Law on your side will help your voice be heard and your rights represented.

Epiphany Law provides litigation services in Appleton, the Fox Cities, Green Bay, Oshkosh and throughout Wisconsin.