Keeping Everyone on the Same Page

The importance of consistency in any company can be difficult to maintain. Oftentimes, different employees convey company policies in different ways, and thus they enforce conflicting policies. These inconsistencies can be used as grounds for discriminatory behavior.

A well-drafted employee manual ensures that each policy and procedure is explained in full and that each step of the process is clearly illustrated. It is essential for every employee to feel confident that they are treated equally in the workplace. An employee manual is a vital tool for managers to rely on because it establishes reliable and consistent communication between management and employees.

How Epiphany Law can Help

When it comes to employee manuals, one size does not fit all. While some businesses require extremely thorough and detailed manuals that encompass everything from drug use policies to designated parking areas, others want their manuals to focus on a few policies which are valuable to their operations. A company’s manual should reflect the values and expectations of the organization; otherwise, it is likely that employees will disregard it altogether.

Epiphany Law has the expertise to draft an employee manual that will effectively communicate your company’s values and policies while helping to create a positive working environment. The result is a unified managerial approach and a company that avoids headaches, lawsuits, and costly litigation expenses.

Questions & Answers

Q: What should I include in my employee manual? 
A: A variety of topics may be addressed in your employee manual, depending upon your company’s values and how you intend to use the manual. If the manual is your company’s primary or only source of communication with employees, it can encompass items such as telephone and internet usage, sexual harassment policies, attendance and vacation expectations, and your company’s benefit plans.

Q: Who should receive the manual? 
A: It is important that all employees receive a copy of the employee manual, as its main goal is to ensure equal and consistent application of the company’s policies and procedures. New hires and existing employees should all sign an acknowledgement form indicating their receipt of the manual. It is equally important to issue a new manual or section updates to all employees when making changes or revisions to existing policies.

Q: What does it mean to preserve the “at-will” employment relationship? 
A: An“at-will”employment relationship, as opposed to a contractual relationship, means that the employer retains the right to terminate the employee at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice. It is important for an employer to work with a business law attorney to carefully draft an employee manual. If drafted improperly, the law may interpret the manual as a contract between the employer and employee, which generally means that the employee may not be terminated without demonstrating proper cause.