A wise old man once said: “If it wasn’t for people, business would be easy”.
While this is partially true, without people, most businesses wouldn’t function. People are what make the business. Ineffective management of people is what causes most of the headaches for businesses.

Developing effective employee manuals and policies is critical to the successful management of people. Equally important is uniformly administering those policies and educating employees. The business law attorneys at Epiphany Law can assist you with creating such policies. They can also conduct a comprehensive Liability Assessment to identify potentially problematic policies or procedures.

Two of the most difficult areas of employment law are independent contractors and non-compete agreements. While it’s possible to have independent contractors and effective non-compete agreements, both require expert guidance from a knowledgeable business law firm.

Finally, never neglect your executive management. Your business should have detailed employment agreements in place which address post-employment competition, non-qualified deferred compensation, stock options, phantom stock and golden handcuffs when applicable.

Yes, employees can be a benefit and they can be a burden. The difference is generally effective management, clear policies, and consistent application of those policies. Epiphany Law can provide you all of that and more.

Epiphany Law’s Employment Law Services Include: