What is Outsourced General Counsel?

Put simply, Outsourced General Counsel is an extension of your team. Outsourcing your General Counsel is an affordable yet highly effective way to manage the legal aspects of a business.  Epiphany Law General Counsel services are ideal for small to mid-sized companies that want the convenience of in-house counsel.   The service provides you with legal advice at your fingertips.

Rather than deal in a transactional model where you talk sporadically to your counsel and they may never fully understand your business, we get intimately engaged in your day-to-day operations. In-house attorneys are better able to uncover issues and proactively avoid problems but they are very expensive and lack the knowledge gained from working with many clients. Outsourced general counsel services solves the problem by providing a cost-effective way to have an experience closer to the in-house model while also getting a broader knowledge base.

Typically clients who utilize outsourced general counsel services develop a close relationship with one attorney but have access to all attorneys in the firm to handle specialized needs. The close relationship ensures priority service and the backing of the firm ensures broader expertise.

Benefits of Outsourcing General Counsel:

 Proactive Risk Management

  • Rather than only talking with an attorney after you have a problem, you can get answers to your questions from your attorney before issues become problems. Being proactive in your business rather than reactive will ultimately save time and money.

 Responsive On-Site Service

  • If you need legal assistance, there is no need to scramble to find an attorney. Just make a call to our team and we will help. Our team will act as an extension of your team, allowing you to have every important contract reviewed,

Fixed Budget and No Surprises

  • Don’t allow your legal budget to be a guess. Know with certainty what you will spend on legal services next year.

 Team of Knowledge

  • We understand that your legal service needs may be broad, and we have a team of attorneys with comprehensive and wide-ranging knowledge that will be ready to assist you.

 Affordable Option

  • Outsourcing general counsel is typically less expensive than hiring an attorney on a per matter or issue basis and is less expensive than hiring in-house counsel.

Custom Services

Epiphany Law’s General Counsel will be customized to fit your business needs and your budget.  Some of the services that we can include are:

  • Day-to-day consultation and advise on business and legal matters
  • Negotiating and drafting corporate contracts
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Employment matters
  • Corporate compliance
  • Real Estate Issues
  • Crisis Management
  • Trademark Registration
  • Employee handbooks
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Sit on board of directors
  • Update and maintain corporate governance
  • Availability to work at your site for specified days or time blocks
  • Integrated member of your management team, utilizing your email and phone system