Business Law has been the focus of Epiphany Law since inception. We have helped countless business owners start, grow, protect and, ultimately, transfer and exit their businesses. We understand the challenges business owners face and we believe in partnering with our clients for innovative solutions.

Our Business Law Services

Mergers and Acquisitions
Exit Planning
Starting a Business
Growing Your Business
Protecting Your Business
Transferring Your Business
Proactive Law
Outsourced General Counsel

Our Approach

When you choose to work with us, you’ll notice we do things differently.

First, we believe in educating the community.  Throughout the year, we offer free educational seminars about topics important to business owners and advisers.  While other law firms are focused on billing you in 6-minute increments, we invest our time in helping you build your business knowledge.

You’ll also notice that communication is important to us.  We take the time to simplify the complex and ensure you have a solid understanding of complicated legal concepts. Building a solid client-attorney relationship is our top priority. And, good communication is an essential part of that.

We believe in being proactive. As a business owner, you understand that being reactive usually ends up being costly. When you become our client, you’ll have access to a dedicated team of legal professionals that not only provide solutions to current challenges but help you avoid them all together.

Finally, we have a unique billing model for lawyers.  The vast majority of our work is quoted upfront.  At most law firms, they generally charge an hourly rate which often results in a mis-match of incentives, since your lawyer gets paid more the longer they take. Our billing model allows us to be better business partners.

Our Clients

We have worked with small “mom and pop” businesses as well as multi-national companies with operations throughout the world. No business issue is too small or too complex for the experienced attorneys at Epiphany Law.

Whether you are looking for an attorney to act as part of your team in the form of Outsourced General Counsel or looking for assistance with a single transaction, our experienced attorneys look forward to working with you.