Epiphany Law understands that health care companies require a wide range of legal services including transactional, regulatory and litigation. Epiphany Law’s Health Care team provides comprehensive services that address the business issues and opportunities facing manufacturers or participants in the health care market.

We understand that today’s health care providers and businesses must focus on ways to manage and grow their business. Our health care law team provides comprehensive services,  offering risk mitigation and strategic growth planning.  Our team of attorneys can identify potential pitfalls that could cause problems for your business and then help your team correct those issues.

How Epiphany Law Can Help:

  • Commercial Contracting: including GPO contracting, IDN contracting, Supply Chain contracting, sales force training
  • Corporate Transactions: including debt and equity offerings, M&A, JV strategic transactions, complex commercial contracting
  • Labor and Employment: including HR infrastructure & documentation, benefits and compensation,  non-competes/non solicit issues and disputes, investigation & compliance
  • Regulatory: including HIPPA/HITECH,  manufacturing regulations, sales-force training distribution law, data privacy
  • Dispute Resolution: complex commercial litigation, pre-litigation risk, class action matters, product safety issues
  • Innovation: Trademark filings, trademark and trade disputes, development agreements, IP protection