A family business ranges in size from two person partnerships to large Fortune 500 firms.  They account for 64% of the United State’s gross domestic product and generates 62%  of the country’s employment. Epiphany Law understands that family business law is the practice of business law which includes corporate transactions, regulatory, employment, intellectual property and securities but also has a unique set of issues and opportunities within the family such as who to promote, hiring non-family members in key roles, and defining a succession plan.

The family business attorneys at Epiphany Law have been helping businesses grow since Epiphany was founded in 2004.  In addition, to handling the business law transactions, our team understands the “soft side” of family businesses  — and works closely with you to learn your plans and goals and help make sure they become a reality.

How Epiphany Law can help with your Family Business:

  • Epiphany Law understands the overlap between business and personal matters.
  • Business Succession Planning: Including ownership succession, leadership succession, emergency planning
  • Estate Planning: Ensuring your legacy while maximizing financial benefits
  • Contracts
  • Exit Planning:  Developing and implementing the strategic plan of exiting your business, on your terms, for the price you desire.
  • Employment Matters:  Compensation, handbooks, non-competes, etc.
  • Dispute Resolution:  In addition, Epiphany Law understands the unique challenges and opportunities that a family businesses have.  We know that sometimes family disputes occur and we understand the sensitive nature of those disputes.

If you would like to discuss your unique business needs  with our team, we’d love to hear from you.  Contact us.