Epiphany Law originally started as a “Business Law Boutique” and business law continues to be the heart and soul of our practice. However, since we opened our doors we have significantly grown two other areas of deep expertise: litigation and estate planning. Within each of these three areas we apply the same efficient use of people, systems and technology to provide incredible service, superior work product and predictable pricing.


Epiphany Law understands the perceptions that many people have of lawyers in general and the frustrating experiences that many people have with lawyers.  Our goal is to provide an experience that eliminates the frustrations.  Other lawyers may be impossible to reach, but the attorneys at Epiphany Law are always accessible – we answer our phones if we are available and return calls and emails promptly.

In addition, we don’t talk in legalize.  We always try to explain even the most complex situations in way that makes sense.


Epiphany Law is a “Boutique” law firm. What that means is that rather than doing all law-related things poorly, we have chosen to do only a few things, but to do them very, very well. Our specialized focus allows us to provide superior service to businesses, business owners and their employees.

In addition to understand the law, the Epiphany Law team truly understands business. Our team is made up of business owners, MBAs, Certified Exit Planners and General Counsel.


We use streamlined systems and processes that ensure efficient, accurate results. Our systems, processes, and years of experience also allow us to provide clients with fee estimates up-front, allowing clients to make informed decisions. While other attorneys fear technology, at Epiphany Law we embrace it and leverage it to provide competitive pricing.